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Nights at the Neptune returns for a 4th year!
Local Arts – Local Artists – Global Issues

The annual Nights at the Neptune series is a local partnership that brings together artist, arts organizations, and community audiences for six FREE Thursday evening performances and presentations during the summer. Taken together as a whole – the series invites audiences to experience a level of local and multi-cultural perspectives through the Arts. Through a juried process, STG partners with artists or organizations whose work reflect themes of race & social justice or celebrates a cultural art form. Going into its 4th year running, the Nights at the Neptune series provides a platform for the powerful artists and voices within our community.

Nights at the Neptune has provided a platform for presenting a wide variety of artistic genres, such as:

• An interactive folk concert produced and led by Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons that masterfully incorporated relevant Seattle historical information with a legacy of unjust development practices.
• The Out & In crew created an outstanding annual comedy night for LGBTQ folks and their allies.
• A premiere of documentary films, like “Old Man Bebo,” with Seattle Latino Film Festival
• Universal and varied rhythms of the African diaspora with Gansango Music & Dance & friends
• Coming-of-age movement presentations, such as the #TimelessMovement, #KenbeFem and #ProjectViolet

A local artist, activist, or leader, using the power of Art to speak to people through sensation and emotion, leads each show. Seattle Theatre Group is extremely proud of these partnerships and believes Nights at the Neptune is claiming a safe-celebratory-space for inter-cultural connection and community engagement. This is performing arts by the people, for the people!

The Request for Proposals is open now and closes at 5pm on February 20, 2016. Click here to submit a proposal online! Full details may also be downloaded as a pdf here. By March 16, 2016, six selections will be made by a panel of arts advocates and activists. A full list of past Nights at the Neptune shows is below.

Please direct inquiries to Martín Sepulveda, Program Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 206.467.5510 x1131. Thank you!


2015 Nights at the Neptune programs:

Black & Blue
TRANSPLANTS: Why Seattle? Why Now?
Kenbe Fem
DanceGarden: A Celebration of World Music & Dance
Rainier Valley Revival

2014 Nights At The Neptune programs:

Out & In: A Pride Comedy Showcase
Choreographing Emotion
El Arte Flamenco
Sound of Violet
Oresteia Ubuntu
Music Marches On

2013 Nights At The Neptune programs:

Out & In: A Pride Comedy Showcase
David & Jonathan - A Modern Day Retelling of the Biblical Story
Seattle Latino Film Festival Presents: A Tropical Night
The Platform Playwrights Festival
Ward of State
For Peace For Tibet
Rain City Rock Camp for Girls
Splinter Effect, a Diversity Dance Throwback




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