STG Presents
Jherek Bischoff
September 4, 2014

Doors at 7:00 pm

Show at 8:00 pm

The Moore Theatre

1932 Second Avenue

Seattle, WA 98101


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STG Presents Jherek Bischoff at The Moore Theatre in Seattle on Thursday, September 4, 2014.

From Jherek:

Ahoy! I am writing to let you know I am playing a show at Seattle's beautiful Moore Theatre on September 4th! I am performing with some insanely talented folks. This show is one night only and I have created all new arrangements of my music and my guests music for the ensemble. I hope to see you there!


CRAIG WEDREN (Shudder To Think, Wand)
I met Craig Wedren in such a strange way! About 8 years ago, my buddy/bandmate Sam Mickens had this wild idea to reach out to Craig who some of you know as the front person of the band Shudder to Think, and some of you know for his outstanding movie score work for a billion movies you love. Anyways, his idea was to reach out and offer to be Craig's backup band and then our band The Dead Science would also open for him. Talking to Craig the other night, he said that when he heard from us he "figured we must totally suck".... HAHA! He listened to our band and said "we ruled"! To our astonishment he said yes! Even though he had never met any of us or even really talked to us, he flew out to Seattle and we had 3 rehearsals before embarking on a west coast tour and more importantly a deep friendship. His trust in us has been a huge building block in me working as a collaborator and he has inspired me deeply in life. WHAT A GUY! Here is an awesome sailor video of his old band and one of my favorite of their tunes.

CAREY MERCER (Frog Eyes, Swan Lake)
The first time I saw Frog Eyes was when I was in Xiu Xiu and we shared a bill up in Victoria B.C.. This was probably 12 years ago (damn, I am no spring chicken). Carey Mercer singing completely blew my socks off. He was just bursting with this raw and wound up energy. Like he was a balloon that was let go of and was darting around the room in a sudden rush. He is one of my special guests at the Moore Theatre on Sept. 4th! My first time actually making music with him and I am very excited to hear his voice with a chamber ensemble! Going to be wild for sure. This is a song from the first record of theirs that I got and what deepened my love for him and his band.

ZAC PENNINGTON (Parenthetical Girls, Crying)
Mr. Zac Pennington of Parenthetical Girls may be my most frequent collaborator. He is certainly one of my very closest friends. We have made about 9 records together under Parenthetical girls and he has sung with me at many of my shows. We first met when he was interested in me recording his first record. I had just finished my first record and was surprised because I did not know what the hell I was doing! His confidence in me to capture his music at such an early time in my life altered my life path for the better. I look back on sneaking into a Safeway meat locker to record drums and sitting on a curb on Olive st. playing him my first mix with particular nostalgic fondness. Our most recent collaboration is Crying. We premiered it at On the Boards last NWNW's and it was a blast. It is a short piece showcasing Zac at his most theatrical, elegant, androgynous, serious and hilarious. He is a good and beautiful man.

In past shows, I have often utilized very large ensembles. For this show, I wanted to showcase the incredible individuals that have been the absolute core to my music-making and have inspired me to be a composer. I have also recently been performing a lot more with chamber ensembles and it has excited me a great deal to see and hear the personalities of each player so well.

Instrumentation will be -

Paris Hurley – Violin Alina To – Violin Alex Guy – Viola Maria Scherer Wilson – Cello Scott Teske – Upright Bass Beth Fleenor – Clarinet/Bass Clarinet Korum Bischoff – Percussion and Jherek will be playing a variety of instruments as well.

It is going to be a really wonderful evening of music.


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