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Seattle Theatre Group® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.


Making performances and arts education in the Pacific Northwest enriching, while keeping Seattle's historic Paramount, Moore and Neptune Theatres healthy and vibrant.


To enrich, inspire, challenge and expand our world through the arts.

Core values:

  • Stewards of historic theatres
  • Catalysts for community alliances
  • Passion for diversity in arts, artists, and audiences
  • Arts leadership locally, regionally, and nationally

STG presents an average of 600 events annually at The Paramount, The Moore, and The Neptune Theatres as well as at venues throughout the region. Broadway productions, concerts, theatre, lectures, education, community, film, and other enrichment programs can be found in our venues.

A multitude of artists and performers, partner organizations, donors and foundations, volunteers, and most of all – our patrons, make it possible for STG's mission to be fulfilled.

To learn more about STG, click here to view our annual REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY.


Patron Code of Conduct:

Seattle Theatre Group® is committed to maintaining a safe, comfortable and enjoyable entertainment experience in each of our venues. Patrons and guests have the right to expect an environment where:

  • Patrons will be treated in a consistent professional and courteous manner by all venue personnel.
  • Patrons will consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired or underage guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  • Patrons who partake in disruptive behavior including fighting, bullying, throwing objects, negatively impacting other patrons or acting in any other harassing or offensive manner will be immediately ejected from the venue.
  • Weapons are not allowed at STG Theatres, regardless of any licenses or permits. This includes fire arms, pepper spray, tasers, knives and other threatening objects of any kind (determined at the discretion of our security staff.) Patrons who attempt to bring such items into our venues will be asked to return them to their vehicle. STG will not hold or be responsible for any such items. Unattended items left outside the facility doors will be discarded to ensure patron safety.
  • Patrons who are found to be damaging or destroying STG property will be immediately ejected from the venue and will be held responsible for repairs.
  • Patrons will not be permitted to smoke in the theatres at any time; this includes e-cigarettes.
  • Patrons will comply with requests from venue staff regarding facility operations and emergency response procedures.
  • To ensure that everyone who enters our theaters has an enjoyable experience, we encourage prompt reporting to staff of any inappropriate behavior or suspicious activity, including unattended bags.

Theatre staff may intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met, and guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest security guard or other staff member. Guests who choose not to adhere to these provisions will be subject to ejection without refund and may also be in violation of city ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution. Thank you for adhering to the provisions of Seattle Theatre Group® Patron Code of Conduct.


Social Media Commenting Policy: We are pleased to offer our community an opportunity to share diverse opinions and varied points of view on our social media pages - in fact, we encourage it! Our goal is to build community through the arts and, as such, we do require that all comments follow a few basic standards. Comments that are threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic or racist will be removed. We require that all comments are free from profanity and hate speech. All comments should be relevant to the post and remain respectful of other commenters.

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