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Working from the inside out STG wants to ensure a cleaner, more energy efficient future for the Seattle area, starting at The Paramount, Moore and Neptune Theatres. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and helping our employees and patrons practice sustainability on a regular basis.


* Signed the Seattle Climate Partnership agreement, becoming the first performing arts organization in the region to publicly commit to climate change. (2009)
* Replaced the historical “Paramount” vertical sign with 44% recycled aluminum (17& post-consumer and 27% post-industrial aluminum materials) and replaced the 1,932 incandescent bulbs replaced with LED bulbs. Furthermore, the electrical systems are more efficient – replacing mechanical chasers with electrical chasers and HPF electronic transformers replace the magnetic transformers. (2009)
* Initiated an Employee Transportation program encouraging staff to use alternative methods of transportation to and from work. (2010)
* Started tracking Carbon footprint, utilizing the online tool through Seattle Climate Partnership – includes 2009 data and now tracking 2010. (2010)
* Business subsidized bus fare cards. (2004)
* Purchase of a “Soda Blaster” for external cleaning of fire escapes and brick of The Paramount and Moore Theatres, instead of using harmful chemicals to remove graffiti and dirt. (2009)
* Re-purposed vinyl Broadway banners as donor gift bags. (2009)
* Paint for The Paramount and Moore Theatres was reformulated to be more environmentally friendly. (2008)
* Eliminated the use of chemical cleaning products in The Paramount and Moore Theatres as well as the office tower and replaced those products with environmentally friendly ones. (2009)
* Educated and encouraged staff to implement greener practices in their every day work environment. (2008)
* Placed recycle bins throughout The Paramount, Moore and Neptune Theatres and in administration offices, encouraging staff to recycle. (2008)
* Re-formatted primary administrative copy machine to accept 100% recycled paper. (2009)
* Streamlined and improved printer ink cartridge recycling effort. (2008)
* Paramount Marquee restoration (Summer 2010).
* Retrofitted all light fixtures in the Paramount theatre with fluorescent or LED bulbs with the help of Seattle City Light’s Energy Conservation Incentive Rebate Program to make for a significantly more energy efficient theatre.
* Implemented composting in administrative offices diverting hundreds of pounds of food waste from our landfill trash each month.
* Worked with the Peter and the Starcatcher production company to repurpose STG office materials into the play’s set design.

Future Goals

      * Continue and expand partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability through Seattle Climate Partnership.

      * Install bike racks outside The Paramount, Moore and Neptune Theatres.

      * Pursue a Carbon Offset Sponsor.

      * Replacement of incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, where possible, throughout The Paramount Theatre.

      * Continue to encourage staff and internal departments to make greener choices.

      * Explore compost options.

    * Explore options to partner with the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Green Lab.

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