ABOUT STG > Current Staff

Executive Office

  • Josh LaBelle
    Executive Director
  • Nate Dwyer
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Xan Herring
    Executive Assistant to the Executive Director

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Aaron Reader
    Director DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access)


  • Adam Zacks
    Chief Programming Officer
  • Jack McLarnan
    Associate Director of Performing Arts Programs
  • Nadia Kaboul Quitslund
    Associate Director of Programming Operations
  • MacKenzie Mercer
    Associate Director of Booking & Sales
  • Eli Anderson
    Talent Buyer
  • Laura Vilches
    Manager of Latin & Immersive Programs
  • Amanda Rountree
    Booking Associate

Marketing & Communications

  • Alvin A. Henry
    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
  • Amy Gentry
    Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Brad Gentry
    Associate Director of Marketing and Sales
  • Jeff Beauvoir
    Digital Communications Manager
  • Beth Fleenor
    Marketing Project Manager
  • Kevin Harris
    Graphic Designer
  • Hailey Helber
    Social Media Manager
  • Suzanna Leung
    Marketing Manager
  • Rachel Liuzzi
    Public Relations and Promotions Manager
  • Maddy Wyse
    Marketing Assistant

Audience Services and Sales

  • Gail Baraff
    Senior Manager of Audience Services
  • Greg Pacenti
    Audience Services Assistant Manager
  • Matthew Schmidt
    Audience Services Supervisor
  • Matt Guerra, Lisa LeClair, Ella Rustin
    Audience Services Show Supervisors
  • Andrew Niece
    Audience Services Coordinator
  • Alex Alire, Jonathan Carter, Sara Sucharski
    Ticketing Show Build Coordinators
  • David Gordon
    Audience Services Administrator
  • Mia Sessions
    Audience Services Accounting Associate
  • Margaret Montoya, Sheva Rosenberg
    Audience Services Representatives 2
  • Niko Biros, Cenee Cain, Sophia Callan, Chad Gabagat, Benji Hill, Arris Magtibay, Michelle Pollowitz, Erin Sutter, Blair Urmson
    Audience Services Representatives 1


  • Maura Ahearne
    Development Director
  • Danielle Olson
    Director of Corporate Relations
  • Angela Gad
    Associate Director, Donor Relations & Events
  • Annie Kagi
    Grants Manager
  • Joe Maxwell
    Corporate Relations Coordinator
  • Brianna Rand
    Individual Giving Manager
  • Jessinia Ruff
    Communications & Data Manager
  • Alicia Gibson
    Club Relations Manager
  • Jenny Lachuta
    Club Relations & Ticketing Assistant Manager
  • Kiri Brennecke
    Club Relations & Events Assistant Manager
  • Mandi Kimes
    Club Relations Coordinator
  • Leela Sabaratnam
    Development Coordinator
  • Dagmara Sobczyk
    Donor Relations & Events Coordinator

Education & Community Engagement

  • Marisol Sánchez-Best
    Director of Education & Community Engagement
  • Rex Kinney
    Associate Director of Education
  • Sarah Strasbaugh
    Associate Director of Community Programs
  • Adriana Wright
    Education Partnership Manager
  • Deshawn Morton
    Dance Manager
  • Mary Kibala
    Education Coordinator
  • Rachel McKinney
    Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Andrea Freed
    DANCE This and DANCE for PD Administrator

Human Resources

  • Nancy Del Villar Vive’
    Director of Human Resources
  • Misty Stevens
    HR | Safety Manager

Finance & Administration

  • Gary Corrington
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Brianna Evans
    Assistant Controller
  • Erika Najarro
    Staff Accountant
  • Chris Glaser
  • Kerry Weinrich
    Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Connor Woods
    Payroll Specialist
  • Molly Rooney
    Accounting Administrator

Theatre Operations

  • David Allen
    Director of Special Projects
  • Dean Wattles
    Director of Building Preservation & Maintenance
  • Mason Sherry
    Associate Director of Operations - Paramount, Remlinger, Outside Shows
  • Dan Reinharz
    Associate Director of Operations - Moore, Neptune, Immersive
  • Michael von Kempf
    Computer and Information Systems Manager


  • Jeff DeVick
    Director of Building Services

    Jory Carroll, Judith Carroll, Grant Fryer, Connor Sturzen
    Maintenance Staff


  • Dembo Hatu
    Building Services Manager
  • Alex Arthur
    Michael Girardi
    Custodial Supervisor
  • Joshua Aberilla, Coleman Azure, David Beckley, Marianne Becerra Salcido, Eugene Garrett, Drea Groce, Lonnie Haynes, Adam Josephsen, Julius Manus, Devin Phipps, Nathan Ranft, Ronald Rosenthal, Ashton Sifre, Tang Srilawan, Dominick Stubblefield, Elijah Taurke, Kirk Thompson
    Custodial Staff

House Staff

  • Leo Carvallo
    Security Monitor
  • Brandon Cyprian
    House Manager
  • Ted Dowling
    House Manager
  • Lila Hughes
    House Manager
  • Bob Phare
    House Manager
  • Den’ea Simone
    House Manager
  • Xaviera Vandermay
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Jose Ortega
    Volunteer Office Assistant

Lead Crew Moore

  • Steve Martin
    Moore Theatre Manager
  • Jeff Gad
    Stage Manager
  • Jake Holt
    Head Electrician
  • Eli Wasserman
    Head Audio
  • James Auld
    Head Flyman

Lead Crew Neptune

  • Miranda Bahr
    Neptune Theatre Manager
  • Tascha Paquiet-Williams
    Neptune House Manager
  • Mark McLean
    Head Electrician / Lighting Designer
  • Kristopher Couture
    Head Audio Engineer
  • Josh Bahr
    Stage Manager
  • Josh Barajas
    Key Grip

Lead Stage Crew Paramount

  • Ian Gardner
    Technical Director / Head Carpenter
  • Dale Lane
    Head Flyman
  • Mike Miller
    Head Sound
  • Jason Montgomery
    Head Props
  • Pam Farrow
    Head of Hair & Makeup
  • Jack Klitzman
    Music Director
  • Delia Mulholland
    Head Wardrobe
  • Dave Scamporlina
    Head Electrician
  • Chris Balducci
    Head Fly Operator
  • Kate Takata
    Assistant Electrician
  • Joe Kendall
    Assistant Props
  • Kelly Mickelson
    Asst Sound Technician

All stage, wardrobe, hair and makeup personnel employed by Broadway at The Paramount are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Locals 15, 887 and 488 respectively. The musicians employed by Broadway at the Paramount are members of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 76-493.