ABOUT STG > All Staff
Executive Office
  • Josh LaBelle
    Executive Director
  • David Allen
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Olivia Thomas
    Executive Assistant
  • Adam Zacks
    Chief Programming Officer
  • Ryan Cook
    Senior Talent Buyer
  • Debra Heesch
    Special Events Manager
  • Nadia Kaboul Quitslund
    Booking & Sales Manager
  • Jack McLarnan
    Manager of Fine Arts Programs
  • MacKenzie Mercer
    Booking Associate
  • Ken Potts
    Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Kina Ackerman
    Social Media & PR Associate
  • Lauren Daniels
    Digital Communications Manager
  • Kevin Harris
    Graphic Designer
  • Stevie Holloway
    Digital Communications Associate
  • Emily Krahn
    Public Relations Manager
  • Kelly McMahon
    Data Manager
  • Hilary Northcraft
    Marketing Manager, Season Programs
  • Jason Ross
    Senior Marketing Manager, Concerts and Comedy
  • Marcus Shriver
    Junior Marketing Manager, Concerts and Comedy
  • Maura Ahearne
    Development Director
  • Anna Culp
    Director of Major Gifts and Planned Giving
  • Brian Layton
    Historic Facilities Program Director
  • Angela Lindou
    Grants Manager
  • Myra Mushalla
    Development Coordinator
  • Danielle Olson
    Director of Corporate Relations
  • Aaron Semer
    Director of Individual Giving
Education & Community Programs
  • Vicky Lee
    Director of Education & Performance Programs
  • Rex Kinney
    Dance Education & Performance Manager
  • Alexis Ramirez
  • Shawn Roberts
    AileyCamp Director & Dance for PD® Program Manager
  • Marisol Sanchez-Best
    Associate Director of Education Programs
  • Martín Sepulveda
    Special Artistic Projects Manager
  • Sarah Strasbaugh
    Associate Director of Community Programs
Patron Services
  • Tory Wimer Contreras
    Director of Sales and Patron Services
  • Jeff Beauvoir
    Director of Ticketing
  • Ngai Kwan
    Ticketing Manager
  • David Gordon
    Patron Services Coordinator
  • Sara Sucharski
    Concert Ticketing Coordinator
  • Joe Maxwell
    Ticket Office Lead
  • Phil Brock
    Stefanie Wolf
    Greg Pacenti
    Show Supervisors
  • Heather Davidson
    Club Relations Manager
  • Jenny Lachuta
    Club Relations & Administrative Coordinator
  • Alicia Gibson
    Club Relations & Events Coordinator
  • Nathan Forman
    Club Relations Assistant
  • Bryan Lineberry
    Community Sales Manager
  • PJ Mertz
    Sales Manager
  • Zach Adams
    Season Sales Coordinator
  • Alexis Ramirez
    Season Sales Assistant
  • Elizabeth Davenport
    Front Desk Administrator
  • Box Office Associates
    • Gustavo Amaya
    • Summer Begalka
    • Cenee Cain
    • Courtney Comfort
    • Chad Gabagat
    • Sophia El-Wakil
    • Paul Rauch
    • Mia Sessions
Phone Room
  • Jordan Acosta
    Phone Campaign Manager
  • Callers
    • Donna Hines
    • Jeff Kahrs
    • Cathy Krug
    • Penelope Loucas
    • Cheryl Nance
    • Andrew Peate
    • Frida Weisman
Human Resources
  • Nate Dwyer
    Director of Human Resources
  • Misty Stevens
    HR | Safety Manager
Finance & Administration
  • Gary Corrington
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Andria Green
  • Brianna Evans
    Venue Accountant
  • Jennifer Moore
  • Katy Roffe
    Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Ellen Trowbridge
    Payroll Specialist
  • Eva Cooperman
    Accounting Assistant
Theatre Operations
  • David Allen
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dean Wattles
    Operations Manager
  • Michael von Kempf
    Computer and Information Systems Manager
House Staff
  • Mason Sherry
    Theatre Manager
  • Ted Dowling
    House Manager
  • Brandon Cyprian
    Assistant House Manager
  • Lila Hughes
    Event Coordinator
  • House Staff
    • Billie Webber
  • Jeff DeVick
    Director of Building Services
  • Julia Beckley
    Building Services Manager
  • Maintenance Staff
    • Judith Carroll
    • Grant Fryer
    • Robert Phare
    • Connor Sturzen
  • Dembo Hatu
    Building Services Assistant Manager
  • Custodial Staff
    • Joshua Aberilla
    • Denise Antoine
    • Alex Arthur
    • David Beckley
    • Peyton Boukather
    • David Breyman
    • Jordan Elliott
    • Fadumo Farah
    • Brennen Fernie
    • Skylar Ford
    • Orlando Garcia
    • Eugene Garrett
    • Michael Girardi
    • Andrea Groce
    • Lonnie Haynes
    • David Hilton
    • Ashley Mauerhan
    • Willie Nichols
    • Nikita Pines
    • Sherry Procell
    • Nikita Tarver
    • Kirk Thompson
Lead Crew Paramount
  • Mike Miles
    Technical Director/Master Carpenter
  • Roy Niendorf
    Head Carpenter
  • Byron Reynolds
    Head Flyman
  • Jeff Payne
    Head Electrician
  • Mike Miller
    Head Sound Engineer
  • Jason Montgomery
    Head Props
  • Pam Farrow
    Head of Hair & Makeup
  • Delia Mulholland
Lead Crew Moore
  • Robert Margoshes
    Technical Director/Head Electrician
  • Steve Martin
    Stage Manager
  • Dan Droz
    Head Sound
  • Anneka Kielman
Lead Crew Neptune
  • Dan Reinharz
    Theater Manager
  • Miranda Lerian
    House Manager
  • Chris Gibbs
    Head Audio Engineer
  • Hiram Hernandez
    Stage Manager
  • Mark McLean
    Head Electrician / Lighting Designer
  • Miranda Lerian
    Production Coordinator
  • Josh Bahr
    Key Grip

All stage, wardrobe, hair and makeup personnel employed by Broadway at The Paramount are represented by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Locals 15, 887 and 488 respectively. The musicians employed by Broadway at the Paramount are members of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 76-493.

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