Praise for THING festival 2022


Following the aftermath of STG's THING festival 2022, here's what people have been saying about their experience:

"2 years in, THING is already WA's best destination festival."

-Seattle Times

"A mesmerizingly beautiful and simultaneously calming experience."

-Daniel Hilsinger via Instagram 

"Pack your comfiest shoes and a gallon of sunscreen, because of all the summer festivals, this one's worth coming early and staying late."

-Seattle Times

"I've never seen such a universally joyful, energetic crowd."

-Robin Forman via Instagram

"The diversity was spectacular and refreshing. The artists were world class. Extremely enjoyable."

-Survey respondent

Kids enjoying THING activities

 "Great venue, great concept, and the emphasis on making it family friendly."

-Survey respondent

"I love how family oriented it is. We bring our kids and they meet other kids while we get to see shows they get to do stuff, it's a win-win."

-Survey Respondent

"For anyone looking to introduce their kids to the music festival life, THING provides an [ideal] setup."


"The music was stellar, sound was perfect. Luminarium is key, we loved it both years. So glad Thing is back!"

-Survey respondent

"It's clear the money was put towards staffing up appropriately and making for a happy, clean, and enjoyable environment."

-Survey respondent

Jesse Higman hosts paint workshop

"I am amazed how receptive people were to art ideas, looking to participate. We were also impressed how the artists and musicians at THING were made welcome, technically supported by STG and encouraged to cross pollinate. It was the best kind of festival experience."

-Jesse H. via Facebook

"Such a great event, loved the thoughtfulness around accessibility and diversity. Please hold THING again at Fort Worden!!!"

-Survey respondent 

"I love this festival right here in our community which draws talent and people from all over the region!"

-Survey respondent

Lantern parade

"The community, the lantern parade every night, [and] the amazing lineup of artists and experiences made for a truly magical and memorable festival experience." 

-Survey respondent

"THING festival is the best curated and executed music and arts festival. Full stop. And the most fun I've had in my life."

-Karen M. via Facebook

"Loved the activities, lantern making, luminarium, and the printed handkerchiefs and swag from some of the vendors." 

-Survey respondent

Live music at THING

"The festival [has] a real focus on quality musicianship which makes everything rise to a certain level of quality."


"Huge kudos to Adam Zacks and Seattle Theatre Group for bringing back the fest after a 3-year pandemic hiatus to re-energize our collective spirits."

-Jake H. via Facebook

 "The festival for people who wanna party, but also really wanna be comfy. Mission accomplished."

-Casey G. via Twitter 

"It wasn't too crowded, and felt safe and comfortable for families. [There were plenty] of water and bathrooms available. [It also was] super clean and organized."

-Survey respondent

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