Seattle Theatre Group applauds Omari Salisbury

IMG_7133_Original Omari Salisbury and Nakeya Isabell, an STG ELEVATE mentor.

Seattle Theatre Group celebrates Omari Salisbury, and thanks him for his continued service to the community, as he steps down from his role on The Morning Show with Converge. Converge is a media company that creates content and local news specifically for the Northwest's Black community. The company became Seattle Theatre Group's media partner in 2021 for our inaugural performance of ELEVATE, a spoken-word showcase for Black and Brown youth.

Omari says he will be taking this move as an opportunity to strengthen other aspects of Converge. The flagship news program will continue in the form of The Day with Trae, hosted by current co-host TraeAnna Holiday.

From helping Seattle Theatre Group promote our performances, to telling the story of the people and places that make our organization distinct, we are so grateful for our partnership with Converge, and for Omari's leadership and journalism. 

Marisol Sánchez-Best, STG's Director of Education & Community Engagement had this to say in gratitude to Omari:

"It is with mixed emotions that we at STG say goodbye to on-screen Omari and The Morning Show. We knew it was never his intent to be in front of the camera, but circumstances led him to it. His role on-camera, was important and much-needed during these past couple of years. At STG, we have enjoyed sharing the spotlight occasionally and supporting each other mutually on-and-off screen. Big O, we love you! Thank you for bringing relevance, respect, dignity and honesty to/for the community! Looking forward to the new adventures and endeavors in the director chair. (And of course, we look forward to watching the amazing TraeAnna Holiday on The Day with Trae!)." — Marisol Sánchez-Best

From left: Trae Holiday + Shakiah Danielson, ELEVATE filming, 2021. Middle: Marisol Sánchez-Best, Omari Salisbury, and Shakiah Danielson. Top, right: Trae Holiday, Stephanie Johnson, and Shawn Roberts, STG History Project, 2021. Bottom, right: Marisol Sanchez Best, Omari Salisbury and Sarah Strasbaugh, Black Media Matters wall.
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