Lindy West
STG Presents

Lindy West - "Every Castle, Ranked"

April 6 & 13, 2023 | The Neptune Theatre

Event Notes

Thursday, April 6 & 13, 2023
Doors at 6:30 PM
Show at 7:30 PM

Reserved seating / General admission standing bar
All Ages, Bar with Valid ID

Prices start from $25.00 (not including fees)

A castle is the ultimate “expectation vs. reality” meme. Like a lot of kids, Lindy West grew up dreaming of castles and princes, of a magic beyond everyday life. But reality has a way of grinding the fantasy out of you. Pets and parents die, dreams get downsized, and it turns out castles aren’t magical at all—they’re just wet, stinking military installations built to fortify the immoral power of horrible men. Outrageous! In Every Castle, Ranked, a now 40-something Lindy takes us on a hilarious, bittersweet journey through her own disillusionment, finding hope again at 40, and the history of toilets.

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