Dancers in motion, with arms out to the side.
STG Presents

Broadway Inclusion Program Classes

Fall Quarter 2020 Residency
Various Dates | Online

Event Notes

Mondays + Wednesdays, Various Dates
Livestreamed classes begin at 3:30 pm and end at 4:05 pm PST

Open to the public
Pre-registration is required!

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STG's Broadway Inclusion Program provides free theatre arts programming to neurodivergent and/or disabled community members and their families and caregivers. All ages and abilities are welcome!

Participants meet twice a week to explore musical theatre and movement-based activities in a creative and safe environment. This program is now run via livestreamed and recorded classes. Livestreamed classes are recorded (of the teachers only) so that participants can also choose to replay a session, make-up a missed session, or only participate with the recorded sessions on their own schedule if desired.

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Photo by Christopher Nelson.

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