Scott Silven sitting inside a mirrored staircase in a Scottish field.
STG Presents

Scott Silven "The Journey" - Streaming Shows!

December 15 - 20, 2020 | Online

Event Notes

Tuesday - Sunday, December 15 - 20, 2020
Tuesday - Friday: shows at 6:00 pm & 8:00 pm PST
Saturday - Sunday: shows at 2:00 pm & 4:00 pm PST

Recommended for ages 14+

$58.00 per participant (not including fees)

STG Presents Scott Silven - "The Journey" online December 15 - 20, 2020.

An extraordinary landscape. A powerful connection. A unique moment in time.

Renowned illusionist, mentalist and performance artist Scott Silven invites you on a journey, from your home to his. Following a critically acclaimed world tour, this all-new online theatrical experience comes to you live from Silven’s home in rural Scotland.

Hear a long forgotten story, reveal the mysteries of your own mind, and unlock the secrets of Silven’s homeland through extraordinary illusions and feats of imagination.

With a maximum of 30 households per show, this remarkable interactive experience explores your own sense of home, connection and the power of place to transform us.

Join others across the world for a virtual experience like no other, interact directly with Silven and help shape the evening’s mesmerising events.

Now discover the path that connects you to Silven’s past, your own present and a collective future. The Journey awaits.

"The Journey" will be streamed through a custom-designed interactive platform. The high-definition audio and visuals are best enjoyed on an individual basis. The artist recommends a single viewer per screen and headphones are required.

The show is approximately 55 minutes in length. There is no intermission.

Tickets are issued on a ‘per participant’ basis. One person per household will be able to participate directly with the performance. Other household members can observe the show; however, they should not be visible through your camera and must listen to the audio feed through a separate set of stereo headphones. (Headphones are required to avoid sound loops and echoes.)

You will need the following to participate in the show:
- A computer or Apple iPad with stable internet connection and working camera.
- A pair of headphones with built-in microphone (please ensure these are working before the performance).
- A quiet, well-lit space.

Mobile phones and tablet devices (excluding Apple iPads) are not supported. We recommend using a wired ethernet connection or, if using WiFi, sitting in the same room as your wireless router. Please see browser compatibility below — make sure you are using:

Safari (v13+), Chrome (v72+), Microsoft Edge (v79+), Firefox (v65+)

iPad Specific:
Safari (12+) ONLY. No other browser is supported.

Not Supported:
Internet Explorer

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