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Broadway Inclusion Program Classes

Various Dates | Online

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Mondays , Various Dates
Livestreamed classes begin at 3:30 pm and end at 4:05 pm PST

Open to the public
Pre-registration is required!

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STG's Broadway Inclusion Program provides free theatre arts programming to neurodivergent and/or disabled community members and their families and caregivers. All ages and abilities are welcome! Participants will meet once a week through a closed group Zoom livestream class on Mondays, 3:30pm-4:05pm PST to explore musical theatre and movement-based activities in a creative and safe environment.

During these sessions, participants will explore shows like AIN'T TOO PROUD, HADESTOWN and more! Participants can have their cameras turned on or off and are empowered to join in whatever way is most positive and accessible to them whether it's through just observing class, following along with the singing and movement.

See what people are saying about our program:

*You all are AMAZING and we are incredibly thankful for every single one of you! What you are offering these kids and their families free of charge during a difficult time is seriously the best! We live in a rural area, about an hour away from Seattle, so we might not be able to attend in person even if that is ever a thing. So just know that you are reaching kids and impacting kids who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate. Our guy is loving it.

*My son loves this program and we are so appreciative that it has been and will continue to be offered. Thank you so much!!

*Instructors are fabulous! What a difference you make in our lives over zoom. The classes are fast moving and engaging. Truly the highlight of our week. Thank you

*You all have been incredible! Engaging, inclusive, interesting, full of life, generous. We are grateful. HUGE thanks to all you have done!

*OH MY GEEEEEZZZZ What an amazing, fun, WONDERFUL surprise!!! We will miss you all over the break but wish you and EACH of you wonderful humans the BEST holidays and start to a hopeful new year! This mama's heart is bursting with gratitude and pride.

*I just have to say, again, HOW MUCH you and this program is LOVED and REVERED in this house. Not just by [student], but my appreciation of all of your efforts and energies too.

*I want to thank you so much for offering this class. My son has not been able to attend the live classes due to schedule, but we have really appreciated the YouTube versions. I am so glad he was still able to participate in this program, and it has been a great opportunity. We really can’t thank you enough, and wish you the best in these final weeks of 2020!

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