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Welcome to the Disney Musicals In Schools resource page, created just for schools that are specific to Seattle Theatre Group’s program. #disneymusicalsinschools #stgconnects

Please note that this is a private page intended for participating school educators, team members, and Teaching Artists. To view our public webpage for Disney Musicals In Schools, you can visit

As a reminder, school teams are also encouraged to utilize the national Disney Musicals In Schools website for additional materials and resources:
To access:
Click the “for schools” tab
Username: disneymusicals
Password: inschools

We strongly recommend that ALL school team members (both Year 1 and Alumni) go to the DMIS website that is linked above and download the Field Guide, which has information, breakdowns, and details for producing musical theatre shows. You can also download the Field Guides directly here:

Year 1 School Team Field Guide (pdf)

Alumni School Team Field Guide (pdf)


You can view STG specific videos of this program here.



Photo Release waivers will need to be collected for all participating students (cast and crew) and school team members. Please note that all will need to complete both the Disney and STG waivers and turn them into STG by January 24th, 2020.

Photo release waivers can be scanned and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or arranged to turn into Teaching Artists/Amberlee at a site visit at your school.

Download release waivers here:

Student Forms – English (pdf)

Student Forms – Arabic (pdf)

Student Forms – Burmese (pdf)

Student Forms – Chinese, Mandarin (pdf)

Student Forms – Chinese, Traditional (pdf)

Student Forms – French (pdf)

Student Forms – Hmong (pdf)

Student Forms – Korean (pdf)

Student Forms – Kurdish (pdf)

Student Forms – Nepali (pdf)

Student Forms – Somali (pdf)

Student Forms - Spanish (pdf)

Student Forms – Tagalog (pdf)

Student Forms – Vietnamese (pdf)


Below are details for Year 1 & Year 2 Schools Disney KIDS show licensing.

Please note that Year 1 & 2 schools receive a free license and showkit materials to the Disney KIDS show of their choice. Year 3 schools receive a 25% discount to a Disney KIDS show of their choice. Year 4 and beyond can license any Disney KIDS, Broadway Jr. Show, etc. Directly through MTI.

Year 3 and beyond schools should go to the website for details on licensing options and reach out to Amberlee with any questions.

  • Your license will be valid for one year
  • Your school decides how many performances to have, what days/times they happen, and if the show date needs to be adjusted due to inclement weather, etc.
  • Your school can have as many performances as you would like during that one year period
  • Your school can charge up to $10 per ticket (but most of our schools do a suggested, open donation instead of charging for tickets)
  • You must bill the show as outlined in the license and Director’s Guide on any printed materials like programs and posters
  • Your signed agreement includes a video license. This allows you to videotape your performance, but you cannot sell dvd copies of the video (you can gift it to participants or ask for a $1 donation to help cover the cost of the dvd itself)
  • Your license includes a standard show kit with Director’s Guides, choreography dvd, rehearsal tracks, accompaniment tracks, and student scripts.
  • If you selected The Lion King KIDS, your show kit will also include a set of drums that are yours to keep, plus The Lion King KIDS Experience, which is a set of curriculum that you can use as part of your rehearsal process and/or in any of your classrooms.


Below are resources that your school can use as a template/inspiration for your own program. Please note that these are just examples, and that each school is responsible for following any specific procedures/protocol required by their school and district.

Permission Slip & Flyer example 1 (pdf)

Permission Slip & Flyer example 2 (pdf)

Rehearsal Calendar Examples:
The Lion King KIDS rehearsal calendar
Aladdin KIDS rehearsal calendar

Show Program Examples

Resources from Professional Development DaysClick here to access a dropbox folder with all of the handouts, examples, and resources shared in the DMIS Educator Professional Development Days in October 2019.


You can print these and tape them to your classroom door/wall as a way to give students the opportunity to choose how they’d like to be greeted at the beginning of each day! (high five, fist bump, hug, dance)

Social Media Resources:

Feel free to join some Facebook pages geared towards Arts Educators & Theatre Artists for additional community resources, asks, etc. Sometimes theatre companies give away props, set pieces, and costumes that they no longer need.

Drama Teachers in WA

Seattle Theatre Artists

DONOR'S CHOOSE Match Campaign is LIVE!

This year, Disney Theatrical Group (DTG) is continuing their efforts to directly support the arts in participating DMIS schools by offering a match campaign for schools in Years 1-3 of DMIS programming. Disney will match every dollar raised, up to $1,000! This means schools can post 1-3 projects valued up to a total of $2,000 – donors contribute up to $1,000 and Disney will match up to $1,000. Schools in Years 2 + 3 of the program should have received communications from directly, and Year 1 schools will periodically be added to the communications list after the Orientation event in September 2019.

The details:

  • Schools in Years 1-3 of Disney Musicals in Schools qualify for this year’s match campaign. DTG will again be matching donations dollar for dollar, with the max of $1,000 towards a $2,000 project. This can look like a few things:
    • Schools can put up one $2,000 project with the match campaign code. They receive donations from the and their own communities, and DMIS will match along the way!
    • Schools can put up multiple projects that total up to $2,000. They must add the match campaign code to both projects!
    • In some special cases, schools may need something specific that is larger than $2,000. In this case, you should email Amberlee the information of what your school is hoping to order and what vendor, and STG and DTG will work with to see if they can provide a $1,000 gift code to this project since it will not qualify for the match.
  • This year’s match campaign code is AWHOLENEWWORLD
  • All year one projects will receive their first $25 donation from Disney, which will then be matched for a total of $50 to get them started! Receiving this first donation will help make sure the project is seen by new and returning donors from the community.
  • created an informational one-sheet and a video on how to put up a project that qualifies for this campaign! View the video here.


  • The BrainDance warm-up and Brain Compatible Methodology was developed by Anne Green Gilbert, who is a local dancer, choreographer, educator, and more in our local Seattle community! Her work is internationally recognized and utilized, and you can learn more about her work and the Creative Dance Center at
  • The BrainDance is a full body-brain exercise/warm-up based on development movement patterns that healthy human beings naturally move through in the first year of life. These movements (Breath, Tactile, Core-Distal, Head-Tail, Upper-Lower, Body-Side, Cross-Lateral, Vestibular, Eye Tracking) integrate the primary reflexes that are the foundation for healthy brain development. The BrainDance warm-up can be completed in as little as 5 minutes or expanded to 15 minutes to offer students and adults as a way to ground and center themselves, warm up the brain and body, and strengthen motor skills.
  • Our artists and educators at STG have found success in using the BrainDance as a warm-up for each class session as well as a fun way to integrate musical theatre acting/vocal warm-ups in a structured process that offers room for variety and growth.

BrainDance Resources


Tuesday, April 28th, 2020: DMIS Student Share Celebration!

RSVP Link/Tickets
The Student Share is free and open to family members, friends, and the community. Those who wish to attend can RSVP for tickets HERE

You can download and share the full invitation for family and friends HERE.

Student Share Rehearsals: in April 2020 each Year 1 school will have 1 final rehearsal with Teaching Artists to focus on their 1 Disney KIDS show song that will be performed on The Paramount stage, in addition to the grand finale number, “It Starts With A Dream.” Teaching Artists and school team will also have time to discuss Student Share with students and walk them through the schedule, expectations, etc.

Alumni Schools participating in Student Share will need to submit video(s) of their top 2 song choices to Amberlee in January (see Timeline section)

Performing Schools: Preparation
Schools who are performing at Student Share will need to schedule a conference call with Amberlee Joers to discuss details.

Schools are responsible for arranging and managing transportation for their cast members, student crew, and school team/chaperones for the day of Student Share. Schools can submit their receipt or invoice for transportation to STG to be reimbursed.

Day of Event Schedule
Schools should arrive to the theatre by 9:30am
• Each school will get a chance to practice their entrance/exit on the stage and find their first positions for their number. Assigned soloists will receive their wireless mic and test them out for sound
• Students should arrive to theatre with their base costumes and make-up (if any) completed
• Schools will be assigned seating on the main floor and able to eat their lunches and finish getting ready whenever they are no on stage for their “tech”
• Show begins at 12pm and will be over around 1:15pm-1:30pm
All students MUST stay with their school and get back on their school bus for the dismissal process. No families may check-out their students from inside The Paramount Theatre (you may arrange for families to meet you at your bus once all students are inside the bus if you wish to facilitate and manage your own check-out process)
• STG will reimburse bus transportation costs once school submits an invoice/receipt to Amberlee
• Photos from Student Share will be shared with schools in May once all release forms have been collected


Watch clips from a previous Student Share as an example:
Student Share 2017 Videos


View/download photos from previous years’ school shows and Student Shares:

Photos from 2019-20 Program Year

Photos from 2018-19 Program Year

Photos from 2017-18 Program Year

Photos from 2016-17 Program Year


As part of our STG family, you receive discounted tickets to select shows at The Paramount, Moore, and Neptune Theatres! Go to and use the code STGFRIENDS to receive your discount and benefits (this link and code can be shared with fellow educators and family/friends)

Schools participating in Disney Musicals In Schools receive a discounted rate of $1 per ticket for our STG Student Matinee Programs

Title I Schools also receive this discounted offer, so feel free to share the Student Matinee Program link with your fellow educators!

For Broadway show at The Paramount Theatre, Title I elementary schools can sometimes receive special group/student rate discounts. You can reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


To date, Seattle Theatre Group has partnered with 12 School Districts for Disney Musicals In Schools including the following: Bremerton, Conway, Federal Way, Highline, Lake Washington, Monroe, Renton, Seattle, South Kitsap, Tacoma, Tukwila, and White River.
Below is a list of schools that have successfully completed Disney Musicals in Schools, along with current schools participating in the program:

2019-20 Schools
Cascade View Elementary (Tukwila School District)
Lister Elementary (Tacoma School District)
Olympic Hills Elementary (Seattle School District)
White Center Heights Elementary (Highline School District)
Wilkeson Elementary (White River School District)

2018-19 Alumni Schools
Conway Elementary (Conway School District)
Manchester Elementary (South Kitsap School District)
Star Lake Elementary (Federal Way School District)
View Ridge Elementary (Bremerton School District)

2017-18 Alumni Schools
Mark Twain Elementary (Federal Way School District)
Cascade Elementary (Renton School District)
Hawthorne Elementary (Seattle School District)
Tukwila Elementary (Tukwila School District)
Frank Wagner Elementary (Monroe School District)

2016-17 Alumni Schools
Madrona K-8 School (Seattle School District)
Madrona Elementary School (Highline School District)
Robert Frost Elementary School (Lake Washington School District)

2015-16 Alumni Schools
Dunlap Elementary School (Seattle School District)
South Shore K-8 (Seattle School District)
Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School (Seattle School District)
McMicken Heights Elementary School (Highline School District)

2014-15 Alumni Schools
Mount View Elementary School (Seattle School District)
Emerson Elementary School (Seattle School District)
Rising Star Elementary (Seattle School District)
West Seattle Elementary School (Seattle School District)




Below you can view program reports for Seattle Theatre Group’s Disney Musicals In Schools, which summarizes the data and final assessments that participating schools share with us at the end of their show.

DMIS Report 2018-19 (pdf)

DMIS Report 2017-18 (pdf)



Calendar of Events:

Weekly Email: sign up to receive STG's eNews here!


Contact: Amberlee Joers, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Did you like participating in this program? Please share your experience with other Title I Elementary Schools and let them know that they can learn more and apply at