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Who We Serve

STG’s Education and Community Engagement Department served close to 40,000 Pacific Northwest residents in the 2022-23 Season. In the 2022-23 season, our vision was expressed through 541 individual engagements including 461 free events.

We are creating programs and spaces where we can ensure people are feeling welcomed and represented. Our targeted goal is focusing on historically excluded communities. We do this to ensure we are thinking about communities that traditionally would not attend or participate in our events. This is important to us as we are a world where the global majority population has a platform for creative expression.

Education Programs

STG’s Education Programs provide trainings and classes focused on personal and professional development for participants in schools, community centers, and STG theatres. The goal of these sessions and events is to empower, enrich, and celebrate participants’ quality of life using the arts.

Our vision for Education Programs:

  • Connect the community with meaningful arts learning opportunities
  • Ignite the possibilities of what participants role in the arts can be
  • Empower participants to be and develop their best selves
  • Support artistic and personal growth and goals
  • Celebrate everyone’s artistry and brilliance

Community Engagement

STG’s Community Engagement creates work and programs in partnership with artists, community members, and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. The goal of Community Engagements is to showcase artists and their work, collaborate with creatives, cultural groups, and non-profit organizations, and share professional opportunities that positively impact people in our region.

Our vision for Community Engagement:

  • Create opportunities for people of different cultural backgrounds and artistic mediums to collaborate on projects and performances
  • Elevate the voices of Black, Indigenous, and people of color and historically underrepresented communities
  • Provide Professional Development opportunities to artists
  • Deepen the experience and perspectives on arts performances

Meet our Team

Our Education & Community Engagement team is excited to connect with you!

Meet our Artists

Our Education & Community Engagement team is fortunate to work with an incredible team of artists in our programs! You can read more about them here.

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