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STG AileyCamp students perform on stage

Photo by Christopher Nelson

STG AileyCamp 2022

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 - Thursday, August 11, 2022  

Monday - Friday; 8:30AM - 2:30PM   

At Beach Park Event Center in Des Moines  

Application Deadline was February 25, 2022. We are no longer accepting applications for AileyCamp 2022. We will open applications again in November 2022.


Come join us at the AileyCamp Final Performance on August 10th at 7:30PM at the Moore Theatre. The Final Performance is the culminating performance of AileyCamp that highlights the accomplishments and success of the campers six weeks of AileyCamp!

Seattle Theatre Group AileyCamp launched in the summer of 2016, establishing a deeper partnership with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. STG AileyCamp, in memory of longtime Ailey Production Director, STG friend and Tacoma native Calvin Hunt, offers a free camp for youth ages 11 - 14, using the power of dance and personal development to support middle school youth in developing a heightened awareness of their full potential, self-confidence, critical thinking skills and decision making skills to navigate difficult challenges. Created by Alvin Ailey and brought to the Seattle Area by Seattle Theatre Group, AileyCamp combines disciplined dance training, personal development, creative writing, visual art instruction, and percussion classes to support youth in developing respect for themselves and others that meaningfully impact their lives.

During this program, campers take daily dance classes from experienced teaching artists in popular styles such as West African, jazz, ballet, percussion and the Lester Horton technique (which is the basis of Alvin Ailey's works). The campers also participate in daily Personal Development and Creative Communication courses focusing on: how to empower young people to direct their own lives; how to prevent drug abuse; improve nutrition; and using visual art as an effective means of expressing thoughts and feelings.

Conceived in 1989, this vital program has reached thousands of youth across the country, providing direction and hope to youth who are most in need of knowing there can be a bright future. The Seattle Theatre Group® AileyCamp is the 10th AileyCamp site in the United States, bringing to Seattle, South King County and Tacoma, a program that stimulates, presents positive themes, and provides role models and mentors - impacting their lives now, as they move into their high school years and beyond.

Meet Our STG AileyCamp Staff

Tap the names below to learn more about our staff!

Camp Director - Shawn Roberts

Camp Administrator - Rachel McKinney

Guidance Counselors - Lashon Watson / Angela Austin-Chappelle


Meet AileyCamp National Director and Master Teacher & Spokesperson for Education & Community Programs

Nasha Thomas directs all of the AileyCamp programs across the Nation and designs the national outreach for Ailey’s Arts in Education & Community Programs department. As a primary liaison between Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation and the national arts-in-education community, she plays a central role in working with local communities to develop and run AileyCamp programs across the U.S., as well as managing and teaching national residencies, workshops, and master classes, which reach over 1,000 young people each year. Ms. Thomas has led Ailey Arts In Education programs everywhere from public school classrooms, to Lincoln Center Plaza, to Gracie Mansion, to the White House. Chosen by Mr. Alvin Ailey, Ms. Thomas danced with the Company from 1986 to 1998. In 1980 she received the prestigious Presidential Scholar of the Arts award. Ms. Thomas is a graduate of New York’s High School of the Performing Arts and Southern Methodist University.

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Contact Us

For more information, please contact:
Shawn Roberts, Director of Seattle Theatre Group® AileyCamp
206.518.5232 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your support is needed to make AileyCamp available to middle school-aged youth in need of increased access to confidence building arts experiences.