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Photo credits: Christopher Nelson, Melodic Caring Project

Broadway Programs

STG’s Broadway Programs include a variety of events, residencies, and experiences that include an intersection of educational and community engagement opportunities in relation to Broadway shows, artists, and themes.

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Hamilton Community Day



We want to enjoy HAMILTON as a community, and we want to celebrate those organizations and schools doing some incredible work! Community day will bring various organizations and schools serving historically excluded populations to the evening performance of HAMILTON on August 28, 2022, at 7:00pm. Organization and schools will be seated throughout the theatre and will be able to enjoy the show.

STG believes in the importance of access. We want to celebrate schools and organizations doing some incredible work with historically excluded communities. STG believes in building bridges and exposing the community to quality arts programming.

Applications have closed.


You will be notified if your organization has approved tickets by June 3, 2022

Broadway Inclusion Program

Collage of people enjoying the Broadway Programs

Photo Credit: Christopher Nelson

Please consider making a contribution towards a student's participation and supporting STG in continuing important programs like this one.

Beyond the Curtain

Photos of Bob Bucci, Camden Gonzalez, Gerald Ramsey, Nikki Long.

Continuing the tradition of the Beyond the Curtain series for Broadway shows, STG will go virtual to discuss upcoming performances and themes. Your host Marisol Sanchez-Best, Associate Director of Education, will ask curated questions to artists about their craft and their artistic journeys. Inspired by the power that the arts have to conjure our imagination, STG unravels the richness of these experiences by taking you Beyond the Curtain.

Videos will be posted below as each session goes live!

Disney Musicals in School

Collage of kids enjoying the Disney Musicals in Schools program

Disney Musicals In Schools (DMIS) is a free program where STG Teaching Artists partner with educators and staff members in selected Title I elementary schools to produce Disney KIDS musicals and create sustainable theatre programs at their schools.

For more information click here.

Past Programs

Here you will find programs STG has led in previous years or are currently postponed due to COVID-19.