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Student Matinee Collage

Photos by Christopher Nelson

Upcoming Student/Community Matinees

STG presents and produces several specially priced matinees each season for school and community groups. To expand learning, workshops and study materials are included with many of the performances.

In an effort to provide accessible arts opportunities for the community, we don't turn any groups away without trying to find solutions.

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Explore our other Education & Community Engagement programs here.

Virtual Art Sessions


STG offers ongoing pre-recorded, interactive arts class sessions and lesson plans in English and Spanish that are free and open to educators, students, families, community groups, artists, and beyond. Videos are created and led by STG Teaching Artists and will offer a variety of genres including dance, music, theatre, and more for a wide range of ages.

Free Interactive art sessions can be found here.

School Residency Programs

Collage of kids watching a performance and particpating

Photos by Christopher Nelson

STG works with local and touring artists to offer performing arts residency programs for in-school and after-school programs. Tailored to suit each individual school or community program, residency activities range in length, integrate with curriculum and, and can also include ancillary activities such as attendance of a performance.

Want to customize a theatre workshop or residency at your school for one of the Broadway shows? Looking for a residency? STG can provide one or multiple visits.

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Learn more about some of our on-going residency programs below:

Digital Education Programs

A collage showing a variety of people participating in digital access programs

Photos by Christopher Nelson

STG’s Digital Education Programs (DEP) for schools and youth focus on merging the arts and digital communication into one. The overall goal is to engage in healthy conversations regarding connection, identity, social media and living in the digital age, while helping students further develop collaborative and critical thinking skills and greater appreciation of the arts.

Share Your Feedback

We appreciate and welcome your feedback! You can share your experience from any of our student/community matinee programs with us in this anonymous survey – CLICK HERE.

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