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A picture of performers during a past Global Party event.

Photo Credit: Christopher Nelson

Celebrating cultural music and dance in the Northwest

Global Party: Virtual Celebration

Produced by STG's Education & Community Engagement Department, Global Party is a high-energy performance of cultural and contemporary dance and music.

To celebrate, join us virtually this year by participating in cross-cultural workshops for all ages and watch interviews with past dance and music directors. Originally premiering on November 13, 2020, you can still watch a 60-minute curated collection of past performances (see above!) showcasing rich cultural traditions from around the world by performers from our region.

Think Global, Celebrate Local!

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Beyond the Curtain: Global Party Edition

This series of Beyond the Curtain sessions features three dance and music directors from groups featured in STG's Global Party: Virtual Celebration. Experience cross-cultural workshops in music and dance from each of these artists.

Cross-Cultural Workshops

Participate in cross-cultural workshop classes with three music and dance directors from the most recent Global Party.

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