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Paramount Theatre marquee reads RE:DEFINITION with accompanying murals, photo by Kina Ackerman

Photo Credit: Kina Ackerman

"Go forward and live or turn back and die" - Tubman


Tariqa Waters, owner and curator of Martyr Sauce, and the late Jonathan Moore founded the RE:DEFINITION gallery at the Paramount Theatre bar in 2015, a partnership with Seattle Theatre Group (STG) to redefine historic cultural space. The goal of the space was always to elevate underrepresented artists and issues of equity in our community. This mural (above) was commissioned by STG during the COVID-19 pandemic and coincides with the 5 year anniversary of the RE:DEFINITION gallery at The Paramount. The mural features co-founder Tariqa Water’s installation, a triple stack of Harriet Tubman $20 dollar bills bundled in RE:DEFINITION bands, and a custom mural by A.O. Hamer which also references Tubman's life through lyrics from “Soldier” by Erykah Badu.

The debut RE:DEFINITION show took place in January 2016. Yearly rotating exhibits showcase works from visual artists whose pieces highlight issues of equity in our community.

Curator's Statement

As we celebrate 5 years of RE:DEFINITION in a city where artists and creatives are being pushed further and further to the margins, redefining historic cultural space has become all the more urgent and necessary. Founded in 2015 by co-curators, Tariqa Waters and the late, Jonathan Moore, the exhibit, located in The Paramount Theatre’s Lobby Bar aims to elevate underrepresented artists and issues of equity in our community. The anniversary exhibit will celebrate some of the artists and works that helped to establish and define Re:definition, while leaving space for new voices and perspectives to ensure the exhibit’s relevance moving forward.


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Tariqa Waters- curator

Jazz Brown

Romson Regarde Bustillo

Ari Glass

Aramis O. Hamer

Margie Morris

Jessica Rycheal

Angelina Villalobos

Junko Yamamoto

RE:DEFINITION Online Gallery

If you would like to purchase or support any artists from the RE: DEFINITION gallery, please feel free to reach out to them directly.


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We remain grateful to our RE:DEFINITION founders, Jonathan Moore and Tariqa Waters, for establishing this ongoing partnership.

For more information on their contributions, as well as those of past curators, artists, and exhibits, please visit our archive.

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