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Elvis Costello and The Onelies backstage at The Paramount Theatre
Elvis Costello performed with The Onlies, More Music @ The Moore alumni. Photo Credit: Christopher Nelson

Deepening artistic understanding

“I learned that if you push yourself, you can do things you never thought you could do.” - Education & Community Programs participant, age 16

“The most valuable information my teacher gave me was to lift up and dance from my soul.” - Education & Community Programs participant, age 16


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Beyond the Curtain Series - Performing Arts Season

Continuing the tradition of the Beyond the Curtain series for STG Performing Arts Season shows, STG will go virtual to discuss upcoming performances and themes.

Your host Sarah Strasbaugh, Associate Director of Community Programs, will ask curated questions to artists about their craft and their artistic journeys. Inspired by the power that the arts have to conjure our imagination, STG unravels the richness of these experiences by taking you Beyond the Curtain.

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Enjoy Beyond the Curtain Broadway sessions here!

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