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We are grateful to all who have participated in the STG Young Ambassadors program!


STG Young Ambassadors 2017-2018 Cohort


Aaron is a drummer from Port Orchard, Washington who plays in a successful rock band called Suite Clarity. This rock band was also placed on the ballot for a Grammy nomination in 2016. Aaron continues to study and learn drums under his teacher Jay Douglas. From Aaron:
I love Asian food.
I work out everyday.
I have an impressive shoe collection.

Alexie is a freshman at the University of Washington. She is extremely interested in Musical Theatre, filmmaking and poetry. She has lived in the Seattle area her entire life and loves the fun, unique and artsy atmosphere. From Alexie:
I’ve been to France but not Canada.
I went to the Phineas and Ferb Movie Premiere at Disney Studios.
I can recite every line from the movie Titanic.

Alexis is a senior at Henry M. Jackson High School and is also in her second year at Cascadia College. To take advantage of her dual-citizenship, Alexis would like to attend university in Canada as an International Relations major (subject to change). Alexis' favorite things include going on hikes, camping (in the outdoors and for concerts), attending concerts, watching movies in the theater, and going on road trips with her friends or family. Alexis is also a part of the Mill Creek Youth Advisory Board. The only thing on Alexis's bucket list is to travel to as many places as she can. From Alexis:
I joined my high school’s cross country team just to get the sweatshirt.
I am an American and Canadian citizen.
My favorite quote is, "be somebody that makes everybody feel like a somebody."

Anjoli goes to The Center school in Downtown Seattle. She loves acting, singing and playing musical instruments. In 2017 she went to Los Angeles to compete in a competition called IMTA (International Model and Talent Association) and she was awarded the second best teen female actor as well as other first place awards for her division. She is an inspiring and determined person that loves to laugh. From Anjoli:
I am an Actor/Singer.
I love cats.
I love chemistry.

Bryce AKA Huey the Artist is a Seattle-based rapper, activist and songwriter whose name is influenced by the civil rights activist Huey P. Newton. Huey incorporates social justice into his jazz hip-hop style. Lead vocalist in the band The Inflowentials, Huey uses his voice with the conviction of a patriot in expressing his discontent with politics. As he is nineteen, education is an important step for his artistic and personal development, and he is continuing his studies at Shoreline. From Huey:
I went to Guatemala.
I played basketball for 7 years and won a championship.
I acted for 6 years.

Cassidy is a 15 year old singer-songwriter from Des Moines, Washington. She loves the arts and her favorite musical is Hamilton. She is looking forward to being a young ambassador for STG. From Cassidy:
I performed at Lincoln Center in NYC!
I have a Siamese cat named Kevin!
I play ukulele!

Ellie is 15 years old and a sophomore at West Seattle High School. Ellie plays piano, guitar, ukulele and she sings! Born and raised in West Seattle, you can find her volunteering at KEXP and the Vera Project in her free time and working at Mode Music School. Her music interest is wide ranging from Irma Thomas, to Death Cab for Cutie, and Ben Folds. From Ellie:
I have played piano for 10 years.
I know every lyric to every Ben Folds song.
I have an English Bulldog named Mimi.

Ileyana is a 16 year old young woman who is very hardworking leader. She demonstrates her thinking through her artwork, and draws things/people who look like her. Ileyana started very young with an artistic touch, and she’s ventured from painting to photography, poetry, and more. Ileyana loves to surround herself with beautiful things, and reflect on the positive things in life. From Ileyana:
I’ve been creating and drawing since I was 3.
My favorite color is royal blue.
When I was younger, I taught myself cursive.

Jordan is a 19 year old freshman at the University of Washington. She enjoys musical theatre both on stage and behind the scenes! She has worked backstage with the 5th Avenue Theatre's Rise Star Project and has been seen on stage with Monroe High School Drama, Village Theatre Kids Stage and Stage Notes at UW! From Jordan:
I drink a lot of tea!
Currently, my favorite band is Boston Manor.
I used to have pastel purple hair!

Kinsey is a junior at Central Kitsap High whose favorite thing is a good song. She believes music has the ability to spread joy and love to people of all shapes and sizes. She is beyond excited to be a part of the smart and talented group of people that is the STG Young Ambassadors. From Kinsey:
I’ve played soccer for 14 years.
I’ve been to Disneyland 30+ times.
I am a Calligrapher.

Mohamed is in 12th grade and loves acting. For fun times, he likes to play soccer and any other sports and likes to watch TV shows. When you get to know him, he is funny, nice, respects others and loves to help other people. From Mohamed:
I am a nice person.
I am funny.
I like to play sports and watch a lot of movies.

Victoria is a Seattle-based high school junior who is passionate about songwriting, music and giving back to community. She has been performing on stage and on camera since she was 9 in many Seattle venues, including 5th Avenue Theatre and Seattle Musical Theatre. Victoria wrote her first song when she was 12 and has been writing songs ever since, having fallen in love with songwriting. Her songs explore different themes, such as finding one’s path, women empowerment and young adult relationships. She has performed her songs at various venues and festivals, was a runner up for 2016 Youth Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge, and was featured in Starbucks Up Next program. From Victoria:
I go to a STEM high school, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and math. I am taking a number of advanced classes in these areas.
In one day, I have been a French resistance fighter in World War II, a mother duck and a wooden boy named Pinnocchio - all part of theatrical productions and films.
I have been doing competitive ballroom dancing for 8 years.