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Tap below for a message from DANCE This Program Manager, Rex Kinney:

DANCE This is a summer training opportunity for participants ages 13-21 to immerse themselves in dance. This year, STG has combined the DANCE This Intensive and the DANCE This Camp at Centrum into a 6-week digital dance series, featuring classes and teachers from both programs.

From June 27th through August 9th, we will feature rotating digital dance classes in ballet, jazz, musical theatre, hip hop, Bollywood and so much more.

Every week, two pre-recorded dance classes will be released to participants. Most classes will include two experience levels. You may learn one or do both! You’ll also receive at least two free bonus sessions each week.

See the faculty list for the DANCE This Digital Series here.


By completing registration for this program, you have agreed to the following:

By participating in any of these class sessions, viewers acknowledge that they are responsible for taking care of their needs and finding their own modifications, breaks, and limits as an individual.

You assume all risks of injury as a result of engaging in any dance activity. Seattle Theatre Group, and its directors, officers, employees, partners and agents, DANCE This and other related STG programs are not responsible for any injury sustained by you during the course of any dance activity.

Dancers in motion


Tuesdays at 9:00 am (Recorded classes / content released)

Tuesdays 11:00 am - 12:00 pm (Rotating Zoom Class)

Class Tips:

  • Properly warm-up prior to each class.
  • Mirror the teacher. Teachers will face you when teaching. Copy/mirror exactly what they are doing.
  • Go at your own pace! Pause & rewind recorded videos as needed.
  • Make sure you have enough space to dance.

What To Wear:

  • Classes will vary depending on style, so please wear what is most comfortable for you and what works in your dance space. We suggest loose and comfortable clothing like leggings, shorts, sweatpants, tank top, t-shirt, etc.
  • Suggested footwear (depending on the surface of your dance space at home):
    o Ballet - ballet slippers, socks,
    o Jazz - jazz shoes, sneakers, socks
    o Hip Hop- sneakers, athletic shoes
    o Modern/West African/Bollywood/Yoga – barefoot


Please warm-up prior to all classes, unless noted otherwise for each class. You may use Kirsten’s warm-up HERE or create one of your own. All classes are subject to change.


Anyone can make a free account with Zoom and access livestream classes or Zoom video calls from the safety of their home! Please note that you will need a device that has a camera and audio/sound capabilities (such as a phone or computer with a built-in camera or using a camera attachment).

To join a video call or livestream class, you will need the specific Zoom link and/or meeting I.D. number. The links, meeting I.D. numbers and passwords are listed above in the Current Classes section.

For support and step-by-steps on getting started with Zoom, please read more on their website.


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Out of respect to the choreographers, teachers and STG, please properly credit all parties when posting publicly. Thank you!