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A Songwriters Lab participant writes lyrics while holding a guitar.

“You gave me the chance to have the first actual week of summer doing something that I love the most and it made me so happy! I couldn't have been happier in such a warm, welcoming and artistic environment!”- STG's Songwriters Lab Participant, Age 17
“I learned to take risks in songwriting and expose myself, even if it made me vulnerable.” - STG's Songwriters Lab Participant, Age 14

Thank you for another great STG’s Songwriters Lab!

Watch videos from this year’s final share HERE.

Save the date for next summer’s Songwriters Lab: July 13-18, 2020!

About STG’s Songwriters Lab

STG's Songwriters Lab is for young musicians (ages 14 - 19) interested in pursuing their artistic vision as songwriters and lyricists. Under the mentorship of professional musicians, students learn creative approaches to song composition and lyric writing, along with strategies for navigating the music business. STG's Songwriters Lab encourages collaboration across music genres and instrumentation (from guitars to cellos to Reason/Ableton Live and more). All styles of music are welcome! Students will:

  • Learn songwriting tools from leading Seattle songwriters, musicians, and hip-hop artists
  • Learn creative approaches to lyric writing, music composition, music arrangement, melody, harmony, and music production
  • Develop individual and group songwriting skills
  • Perform at an informal showing for friends/family at The Moore Theatre
  • Learn tips for navigating the music business
  • Gain experience in giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Receive tickets to selected shows and invite-only soundchecks at The Paramount, Moore and Neptune Theatres to expand songwriting perspectives
  • Participate in year-round opportunities in songwriting, performance, recording and music production


Past mentors include:

  • Justin Davis – lead mentor
  • Matt Cameron - Pearl Jam & Soundgarden Drummer
  • Andrew Joslyn - composer, violinist
  • Andrew Vait - singer-songwriter, Sisters band
  • Jill Wangsgard - lead mentor
  • Whitney Mongé - singer-songwriter
  • Dumi Maraire - hip-hop artist, producer
  • Sue Ennis - songwriter for Heart
  • Bernadette Bascom - vocal & performance coach
  • Choklate - R&B artist
  • Shelby Earl - singer-songwriter
  • Duff McKagan - bass player for Guns N' Roses & Walking Papers
  • John Roderick - indie rock artist
  • Ricardo Frazer - Zakirose Media, Sir Mix-a-lot Manager
  • Piece Kelley - hip-hop/spoken word artist
  • Michael Shrieve - former drummer with Santana
  • Catherine Harris-White - SassyBlack, hip hop/ DJ
  • Hollis Wong-Wear - vocalist
  • Andrew Joslyn - violinist & composer
  • Kris Orlowski - singer-songwriter
  • Faustine Hudson - drummer
  • Navid Eliot - bass
  • Plus other guest artists!


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