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FREE Performance for the Community

Come and join us for the 3rd Annual Showing of Elevate.

ELEVATE will be performed at the Moore Theatre on Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 7:30pm.

FREE for the Community



ELEVATE (v.) raise or lift to a higher position

ELEVATE is a showcase of Black and Brown voices uplifting one another through the art of spoken word. This project shares untold and unseen work centered around local and national historical events, the impact of systemic racism and individuals challenging racist ideologies. Most importantly, ELEVATE is the celebration and empowerment of the people. This event was created for the community, by the community.

ELEVATE will be performed at the Moore Theatre on Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 7:30pm. This is a free performance for the community.

How the program was developed:

  • Historian and President of the Black Heritage Society of Washington State (BHS), Stephanie Johnson-Toliver, was engaged to consult with STG. Her research went beyond one venue and Ryan Donaldson and Jackie Peterson continued researching STG’s 3 historic venues. Some of the stories we found in the research have been intertwined in the 2nd annual ELEVATE performance.
  • Mentors + students collaboratedto create a spoken word and dance pieces. Mentors + students met regularly to have in depth conversations about issues affecting them, while using the history they learned as the impetus for their pieces.
  • Mentors collaborated to create one spoken word piece focusing on the segregated entrance of the Moore theater. Bringing to life what Jim Crow laws looked like in Seattle and how these discriminative practices were implemented in one of our own theaters at that time.
  • Unsung Heroes have blessed this project. Came on board as members of the community to speak about the ways they were challenged and how they stood firm to elevate their community at that time. They were also brough in to offer wisdom to our young black and brown artists about how to elevate from where they are and how to continue to elevate as they grow.


Meet the ELEVATE Team

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We invite you to read an introduction from Stephanie Johnson-Toliver, Ryan Anthony Donaldson, and Jackie Peterson that they have put together for ELEVATE. They will continue to go deeper on our venue's history. Please follow their journey here:

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