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In consideration of Member agreeing to the terms of this Paramount Club Membership Agreement (the “Agreement”) and promising to pay the selected Membership Fee in full, the Seattle Theatre Group® (“STG”), a Washington nonprofit corporation described under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the “Code”) and owner and operator of The Paramount Theatre (the “Theatre”), hereby grants the Member, during the Membership Term, the following rights and privileges:

1. Charitable Contribution. STG is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions to STG are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Any charitable contribution deduction for the Membership Fee is limited to the excess of the amount paid over the fair market value of the goods and services provided by STG. STG estimates the excess amount over the value of goods and services provided by STG to be the charitable contribution.

2. Premier Seating. Member is entitled to seats in the first three rows of the Theatre’s first Mezzanine, the Loge, at the public performances specified in the Membership Package selected by the Member, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. A public performance is any entertainment event presented, promoted and/or produced at the Theatre for which tickets are sold to the general public. Specific seats are not assigned to a Member throughout the season; the Loge seats assigned to a Member may vary depending on availability on a show-by-show basis. STG shall have the right in its sole discretion to exclude certain public performances or reduce the number of Loge seats available due to promoter and/or sponsor contractual obligations.

3. Private Entrance. Member will have access to the Theatre for performances in the Membership Package through The Paramount Club entrance, available only to Paramount Club Members, on Ninth Avenue (west side of Theatre) when the Club is open.

4. Show Pass Pickup. The Member’s show passes (tickets) will be held by STG for pickup at The Paramount Club entrance one (1) hour prior to the performances specified in the Membership Package. If The Paramount Club is closed or the Member arrives after curtain, the Member’s show passes will be available at the Box Office on 9th Ave. Tickets are not available for early pick up.

5. Show Pass Resale, Donations, and Exchanges. Member will not barter or sell show passes received pursuant to this Agreement. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in immediate termination of this Agreement and Member’s rights hereunder, in STG’s sole discretion. Tickets may, however, be transferred to guests as provided below in Paragraph 12. Show passes may be donated by the Member to any nonprofit organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Code or, withat least three business days’ advance notice to STG, may be donated back to STG. Show reservations for events within the Theatre’s Broadway Package cannot be cancelled, but dates can be exchanged as set forth in Section 10 below. For all other performances, once seats are reserved, cancellations or changes must be made at least three business days prior to the performance. If the reservation is not cancelled with proper notice, the Member’s package will be deducted the number of seats previously reserved.

6. The Paramount Club. Member shall have access to The Paramount Club’s hospitality lounge while attending performances in the Membership Package and while the lounge is open (starting one hour prior to the performance and during intermission). Member seating passes must be shown at The Paramount Club entrance. STG reserves the right to close the Club’s hospitality lounge or move members to another location, under certain circumstances, and will notify the Member in advance of any such closures that may affect Member.

7. Concierge Services. The Paramount Club will offer the Member concierge service to facilitate special requests for additional Paramount Club seats, and Club seats to performances at The Moore and The Neptune Theatres. As part of this service, the Member also will receive the latest information on upcoming entertainment events and special activities at the Theatre and other STG operated theatres. Any changes, special requests, or arrangements must be requested by a Designated Member Contact. Changes, special requests or other arrangements made by any such Designated Member Contact will be considered final authorization by Member under this Agreement.

8. Priority Additional Seats. At The Paramount Theatre, Members may purchase additional seats in the Loge, outside of the Membership Package, on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to availability, at any public Theatre performance, when the event is available for sale. Any such show passes purchased by Member will include access to The Paramount Club and Membership privileges at the Member price for the event. If Loge seats are unavailable, Member may use the concierge service to purchase additional seats at regular box office prices, plus applicable service charges, for public performances during the Membership Term. Additional box office seats may be purchased on a “best available seat” basis, are subject to availability and will not have The Paramount Club access, private entrance or validated parking.

9. Priority Membership Renewal. STG will offer Members the opportunity to renew Club membership for subsequent Membership Terms on a priority basis by paying a renewing Membership Fee at then prevailing rates for the Member’s Membership Package, subject to the approval of STG management. When renewal is offered, Member also may upgrade or downgrade the Member’s Membership Package, subject to availability. Member’s opportunity for priority renewal is non-transferable and may be exercised only by the Member. STG reserves the right to modify the amenities included with a Membership Package in connection with renewals. Select membership packages can be rolled over once for an additional year. Fees vary based on membership package and are subject to change. Broadway packages cannot be rolled over between seasons.

10. Broadway Dates. If Member has selected the Theatre’s Broadway Package, a Broadway Date Sheet, reflecting the Member’s Broadway dates, will be included in the final membership confirmation email, as well as accessible via Member’s login portal to STG’s AccountManager. Member may change Broadway Dates, subject to availability up to three business days prior for the same performance. Seats may also be exchanged for a performance of a different Broadway show, based on availability.

11.Validated Parking. Membership includes validation for 6 hours of parking at designated parking facilities, per event selected as part of the Membership package pursuant to the terms of this paragraph. One self-parking validation will be allowed per every two Paramount Club tickets. Valet parking is not included in the Membership Agreement. It is the responsibility of the Member or Member’s guest to request parking validation pass upon receiving seat passes at The Paramount Club entrance or in The Paramount Club lounge. Select garages may be unavailable on a per-show basis. Notice of a garage closure will be communicated to the Member in the Know Before You Go email the day before the show.

12. Guests. A Member may permit guests to use Member’s seats for any performance in Member’s Membership Package and Member’s guests shall be entitled to all of the amenities of The Paramount Club for such performance. It is the Member’s responsibility to inform Member’s guests of The Paramount Club and Theatre policies and to ensure that duplicate invitations are not extended to the same event. STG will issue show passes at the private entrance on Ninth Avenue to the first arriving party to request Member’s seats, and STG shall have no obligation to the Member or guests if seating passes are unavailable for duplicate parties. If Loge seat passes are available, however, STG may accommodate duplicate parties, in STG’s sole discretion, and the Member will be charged the Member price per additional seat.

13. Termination of Membership. STG shall have the right to terminate Member’s Membership at any time, in STG’s sole discretion. In the event that STG closes The Paramount Club, terminates a Member’s Membership, or can no longer offer Member the privileges specified herein as a result of STG’s insolvency, bankruptcy, corporate reorganization or otherwise, Member shall be entitled to a refund of a portion of the Membership Fee pro-rated based on the number of performances remaining in Member’s Package as of the date of such termination; provided, however, that the charitable contribution portion of the Membership Fee shall not be refundable. If the Member chooses to terminate this Membership Agreement before the end of the Membership Term, no portion of the Membership Fee will be refunded to the Member.

14. Schedule Changes. Show and/or performance schedules are subject to change and/or cancellation, and additional performances may be added, without notice. If Member has reservations for a performance that is cancelled, STG will allow Member to exchange Member’s reservations for such performance with another comparable performance. STG shall not be obliged to refund any portion of the Membership Fee as a result of such changes or cancellations.

15. Theatre Policy. Member’s rights and privileges under this Agreement are at all times subject to STG’s and the Theatre’s general policies and rules. Smoking is not permitted in the Theatre, no food or drinks may be carried into the auditorium, and no person will be admitted without a seat pass, regardless of age. Babes in arms are not allowed, and children under four years of age are discouraged.

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