Paramount Club


Paul Pradel – Fanatic Member since 2006
Given my appreciation of live music and performing arts, along with a need to have access for entertaining friends and clients, I found the features of the Club to be very attractive. The combination of quality performances, ease to schedule events and unmatched service from the Paramount Club employees makes for wonderful experiencces. From my young daughters' first shows, to events with friends, family and clients, the membership with the Club has made for many unforgettable memories.


Jason Kilmer and Deanna Ottavelli Kilmer - Devotee Members since 2007

Our experience with The Paramount Club has been exceptional. On top of the incredible seats, club access, parking, and overall experience, the customer service is unsurpassed. We always know we're in for a special event with The Paramount Club.

Isaac Kaplan-Woolner – Rock Pack Member since 2013

The Paramount Club Rock Pack is the best value in Seattle music and entertainment, and for someone who loves going to live shows, it has been like discovering the best kept secret in town. For me, the real value of the Paramount Club comes from the great personalized and attentive service, allowing fee-free tickets to any STG venue. I recently turned another concert buddy on to the Paramount Club Rock Pack, and we agree we couldn't believe we'd been going to concerts for so many years missing out on this incredible opportunity.


Anne Fontaine – Broadway Member since 2009

The Paramount Club greatly enhances our theater experience with yummy food, drinks, a comfortable place to meet and chat, free parking, VIP seating, helpful and responsive staff and accessible restrooms. This special treatment more than balances out the additional cost.


Roberta Miner – Fanatic Member since 2010

The sightlines from the loge seats are divine. The Club itself is lovely, the complimentary snacks are first-rate, and the private bathroom and pre-order cocktail service means I spend intermission enjoying myself, not waiting in line! STG does so much for the arts scene in our community, so I'm glad a portion of my Paramount Club membership is also a donation.

Photo Credit: Jerry & Lois Photography

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