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STG Selects: New Playlist 2nd Friday Of Every Month

STG Selects is a monthly playlist series curated by STG’s own programming team. A group of self-professed music nerds we revel in the uncovering of a new favorite song, an impeccable chorus, a rhythm that precisely accompanies a given mood, or a lyric so expertly crafted you promptly play it back twice. We treasure discovering an artist unfamiliar to us, whether their work was released before our time or just this week, whether they are living in the same city we call home or on the other side of the world. These monthly playlists are full of things we’ve been enjoying. We hope they entertain, delight, and perhaps even introduce you to something new.

STG Selects Vol. 11

Vol. 11

Published: 7/8/22

July's untamed playlist includes local music from Jayomi, Hello I'm Sorry, Josiah Johnson, Acid Tongue ft. Shaina Shepherd, Brittany Davis, Perfume Genius, and Reignwolf (playing THING!).

Original cover artwork by Arlene Carranza.

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STG Selects Covers Vol. 2

Covers Vol. 2

Published: 6/10/22

The 2nd in our covers series, honoring Sir Paul's 80th on June 18th, is an all Beatles covers playlist! If you are not a Beatles fan... sorry. Original cover artwork is by Derek Erdman - @derekerdman.

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STG Selects Vol. 10

Vol. 10

Published: 5/13/22

Featuring local music from Brittany Davis, Smoker Dad, Chong the Nomad, Allen Stone, The Wailers, and Perfume Genius.

Original cover artwork by Jack Bishop - @jacksonstone.

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STG Selects Covers Volume 1

Covers Vol. 1

Published: 4/8/22

A special covers only edition of STG Selects!

Cover artwork by Bee Sen - @inky.eyes

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STG Selects Vol. 9

Vol. 9

Published: 3/11/22

Featuring local music by Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio (playing THING!), The Black Tones, Warren Dunes, HYWAYS, Crystal Skulls, Neko Case and a couple of tracks featuring the late great Mark Langegan including a Live at the Moore number with Mad Season.

Cover artwork by Mary Anne Carter - @jesusmaryannejoseph.

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STG Selects Vol. 7

Vol. 7

Published: 1/14/22

Featuring local music by Jarv Dee, Shabazz Palaces, General Mojo's, Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, Theo Pleasure-Park, Duende Libre, & Beat Happening.

Cover artwork by Becca Fuhrman - @fuhrmz.

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Best of 2021

Best of 2021

Published: 12/15/21

A special year end edition featuring some of our favorite tracks from 2021!

Cover artwork by MacKenzie Mercer - @kenziemercer

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STG Selects Vol. 6

Vol. 6

Published: 12/10/21

Featuring local music by Wild Powwers, Jayomi, Jango w/ Sam Lachow, Lemolo, Erik Walters, Polyrhythmics, and a little Seattle band called Nirvana.

Cover artwork by Melanie Zhgenti - @LadyCMYK.

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STG Selects Vol. 5

Vol. 5

Published: 11/12/21

Featuring local music by CCFX, NAVVI, Grace Love, THEM, Alessandra Rose, Lusine, and Ron Artis II.

Cover artwork by Dez Duran - @hotrodgrannyy

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STG Selects Vol. 4

Vol. 4

Published: 10/8/21

Featuring local music by Tres Leches, Yirim Seck ft. Okomode, Shaina Shepherd, Rainwater, Chastity Belt, and Marlowe.

Cover artwork by Ilah Walker - @ilahwalkerart

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STG Selects Vol. 3

Vol. 3

Published: 9/10/21

Featuring local music by Versing, Jarv Dee, Clinton Fearon, JusMoni, Ings, and Sera Cahoone.

Cover artwork by Mo Dawson - @sensitivepunkart

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STG Selects Vol. 2

Vol. 2

Published: 8/13/21

Featuring local music by Spesh, Tomo Nakayama, Kuinka, Ben Gibbard & Chong the Nomad, and Terror/Cactus.

Cover artwork by MacKenzie Mercer - @kenziemercer

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STG Selects Vol. 1

Vol. 1

Published: 7/9/21

Featuring local music by Shaina Shepherd, The True Loves, Spirit Award, Red Ribbon, Black Ends, and Upendo Moore.

Cover artwork by MacKenzie Mercer - @kenziemercer

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