Historic Theatres Library

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays
10 am - 3 pm

Located in the Paramount Theatre Office Tower
911 Pine Street, downtown Seattle

On Thursday, March 1, 2012, the Seattle Theatre Group Historic Theatres Library officially opened to the public. The dedication of this library coincides with the initial opening of Seattle’s Paramount Theatre on March 1, 1928 – 84 years ago.

To develop a historic theatre library for the Paramount, Moore and Neptune Theatres was the vision of Seattle Theatre Group. The project began early in February 2011, at the direction of the Volunteer Council. It required the gathering, sorting, documenting, cataloging, and preserving over 100 years of historical data. Nearly 4,000 volunteer hours were required to complete this project.


The objective of Seattle Theatre Group Historic Theatres Library is three-fold:

  • To ensure historical material that exists of the three theatres is properly preserved and documented for future generations.
  • To provide an educational environment for youth that would offer an opportunity to learn and experience the remarkable history of the three theatres.
  • To offer the community a setting in which to become better acquainted with the history and thereby develop a deeper understanding of three of the few remaining historic theatres in Seattle.


Historic Theatres Library interior This valuable resource provided by Seattle Theatre Group is a living legacy of history for these three theatres. The library contains binders on a variety of topics from the performers that graced the stages over the many decades, a journey through the peaks and valleys that these theatres had to endure, wall hangings depicting the many challenges along the way, the visionaries responsible for these theatres, priceless memorabilia, and countless signed posters, along with a number of other posters that will be available for sale to the public. Also included in the library are converted CD/DVDs of performers and events, along with Seattle’s Paramount Theatre opening night silent movie DVD entitled, “Feel My Pulse.”


Historic Theatres Library interior This historic theatre library is located in the Paramount Theatre’s Office Tower adjacent to the theatre. It will be open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday each week between the hours of 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Admission is free. In addition, the library will be open for all public and student tours of the Paramount Theatre. Private group tours of the library and theatre can be arranged by contacting Marian Thrasher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For a library overview courtesy of HistoryLink.org, click here!

Library Resource Information

The historic theatre library contains binders filled with a plethora of data related to performers and performances that have appeared at the Seattle Theatre Group theatres. See what's inside these binders by visiting the library or check out our Library Database (pdf). A comprehensive list of all performers, beginning with the opening of the Paramount Theatre on March 1, 1928, can be found by clicking to view our Paramount Historical Calendar (pdf). The Moore Theatre list can be found by clicking to view our Moore Historical Calendar (pdf).

"Seattle's Paramount Theatre - From Birth to Rebirth and Beyond"

Paramount Theatre Book Author and historian for the Seattle Theatre Group, M. Lynn Thrasher recently released a book entitled, “Seattle's Paramount Theatre – From Birth to Rebirth and Beyond.” This timeline historic journey offers the reader a 158 page colorful and graphic account dating back to early Seattle, taking the reader from theatre construction to current times. This book was written for a two-fold purpose: to provide an accurate and thorough account of the tumultuous events this theatre endured, and to provide revenue that will support the Seattle Theatre Group Historic Theatres Library. This informative book can be purchased online for $23.00 (includes shipping charges). To avoid shipping charges book orders can be made by calling the library at 206-467-5510 x1150 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Readers Comments

"A note to let the author, M. Lynn Thrasher know what an immaculate job that was done of this book. Congratulations on a job superbly done."
Stewart Stern – Two-timed Oscar nominated and Emmy award winning screenwriter


". . .I am sleep deprived…your book is so fascinating – so many "immigrants" who were involved from the beginning. . . great job – congratulations."
Claire Tompkins – Volunteer Emeritus


"This book is really an excellent job. Especially liked the "nail biter" story of the theatre's near death and rebirth. The Rapp architects surely would appreciate the convertible floor system; they liked that kind of creativity."
Ward Rapp – Grand nephew of one of the Paramount Theatre architect Cornelius Rapp


". . . Unable to put it down. I can't imagine the long arduous hours of research and checking and rechecking source material. Great Job!"
Russ Evans - Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society Member


"The amount of research that went into this project was just phenomenal – photos and writing are great."
Judith Rosenthal – Granddaughter of Seattle (Paramount) Theatre – L.N. Rosenbaum

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