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Nights at the Neptune is an expression of local awakening - artists and audiences coming together to celebrate culture and community in a series of free performances. Tell a Neighbor…


For the past four years, Seattle Theatre Group has hosted a series of presentations by some of the region’s most dynamic and powerful artists and organizations. Nights at the Neptune: A People’s Theatre Joint, is a platform designed to give voice to some of our most pressing race and social justice issues, using art to shake and awaken our consciousness to inequity, while celebrating our shared cultures and forgotten histories.

Local artists/arts organizations respond to an open call. A panel of local artists, entrepreneurs, activists and advocates review and select the final list of participants. With community support from The Norcliffe Foundation & The Nesholm Family Foundation, STG opens The Neptune Theatre to the artists for free to mount a performance, that is also free to the public, providing access to all. This is performing arts by the people, for the people!

The next Nights at the Neptune series will take place on Thursdays during July and August 2017. Check back for a fresh line-up and additional information in the spring! If you are interested in submitting an application for consideration, click here for more information (pdf) or complete the form online.



2016 Nights at the Neptune programs:

Blanket of Fear
When Women of Color Dance
Women Who Swing
Golden Silence: The Score Feels
The Glossary: Perspectives Defined By Art

2015 Nights at the Neptune programs:

Black & Blue
TRANSPLANTS: Why Seattle? Why Now?
Kenbe Fem
DanceGarden: A Celebration of World Music & Dance
Rainier Valley Revival

2014 Nights At The Neptune programs:

Out & In: A Pride Comedy Showcase
Choreographing Emotion
El Arte Flamenco
Sound of Violet
Oresteia Ubuntu
Music Marches On

2013 Nights At The Neptune programs:

Out & In: A Pride Comedy Showcase
David & Jonathan - A Modern Day Retelling of the Biblical Story
Seattle Latino Film Festival Presents: A Tropical Night
The Platform Playwrights Festival
Ward of State
For Peace For Tibet
Rain City Rock Camp for Girls
Splinter Effect, a Diversity Dance Throwback




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