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UPDATE (10/18/18) - Thanks to a positive response from our community, we are close to reaching our fundraising goal! With your help, we can complete the project. We will post an update here as soon as we have an installation date on the calendar. Thank you for considering a generous donation to support the historic Neptune Theatre.


In our rapidly changing city, the urgency to protect the historic buildings that define Seattle’s heritage has escalated. The Neptune Theatre (1921) is the only survivor of five University District theaters built during the silent film era. Your help is needed to breathe new life into this Seattle Historic Landmark!


Throughout the Neptune’s 97-year history, its interior has experienced extensive restorations, including a major overhaul in 2011 when STG began leasing the theatre. In contrast, the deteriorating marquee has only had periodic critical repairs. The current marquee is at least 70 years old and is in a state of decline.

  • Rust - The steel is rusted through in some areas.

  • Rain - Water routinely leaks into the sign, threatening electronics and regularly blowing transformers, causing costly repairs.

  • Safety Hazard & Damage - Buses and oversized vehicles on 45th Street have scraped and collided with the marquee many times over the years, endangering staff members who change out the letters on the sign and damaging the marquee.


Seattle’s Landmark Preservation Board gave STG the green light to replace the marquee with a historically accurate digital replica of the original design.

  • Safety First - The analog marquee letters will be replaced with a digital screen that will replicate the appearance of an analog sign. Digitizing the sign ensures the safety of staff members since it allows them to change the sign remotely.

  • Steer Clear of Traffic - The new sign will be slightly flatter near the street in order to keep it clear of oversized vehicles.

  • Restore Original Design - Thanks to the discovery of a historic photo of the theatre, the new marquee will model the original design with scalloping in the center and on the sides, and NEPTUNE lettering atop the sign with a trident running through the last E.


A key component of STG’s mission is to safeguard the legacies of the historic Paramount, Moore, and Neptune Theatres. Replacing The Neptune’s marquee is integral to maintaining a thriving venue for future generations of theatre-goers. STG has contracted the same sign company that replaced the Paramount upright sign to design, build, and install the Neptune digital marquee.

Two anonymous donors have committed $250,000 and we aim to raise $50,000 from individual donors to complete the build of the new marquee.

Would you consider joining them and making a gift to help us replace the Neptune marquee?




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Questions about donating to replace the Neptune marquee? Contact our Development Department by phone at 206.467.5510 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..