Paramount Theatre parking at the 1700 7th Ave Garage

The 1700 7th Ave Garage is located on Stewart Street; Garage entrance is on Stewart Street between 7th & 8th Ave.

Heading down Stewart Street, enter the garage on the left side of Stewart Street just after you cross 8th Avenue and before 7th Ave.

If you added parking to your Paramount Theatre ticket purchase, you will receive a 1700 7th Ave Garage parking receipt along with your show tickets. Here is what you need to know:

1. The 1700 7th Ave Garage is open until 11:30 pm Sunday - Thursday and until 12:30 am Friday and Saturday nights for Paramount (STG) event dates. On all other dates, the garage closes at 10 pm.

2. You can park up to two (2) hours prior to the event start time and up to one (1) hour after the event (10 hours maximum).

3. The 1700 7th Ave Garage is located 4 blocks from The Paramount Theatre. The garage clearance is 6'10".

4. Upon entering the garage, take a parking ticket. Put this ticket in a safe place. When you exit the garage after the show, you will need both the garage ticket and your parking receipt that came with your show tickets.

5. Take the garage elevators up to the 1st floor lobby, and then you can walk out of the building onto 7th Avenue. Head left (south) towards Pike Street and when you reach Pine Street, take another left. The Paramount is straight ahead on your right on the corner of 9th and Pine.

6. When you return to the building, use the building lobby entrance on 7th Avenue. It is mid-block on 7th Ave between Olive Way and Stewart Street.

7. Present your original entry ticket along with your STG parking receipt to the cashier upon exiting the parking garage. If you have mobile show tickets, your parking receipt will also be a mobile ticket.


Thank you for visiting our theatre. Have a great time at the show!