SIGN OF THE TIMES - The Paramount vertical sign is remade!

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The iconic blue and gold vertical PARAMOUNT sign, a photographic icon of Seattle, had been in place since 1930. Over the years, the sign had become decayed and beyond repair and had to be replaced. Identical in appearance, the replica was engineered with environmentally responsible materials and energy efficient lighting systems, to honor Seattle’s history and future.

Replicating the original vertical sign with updated technology allowed for 90% improved energy efficiency with new electrical systems and made use of 44% recycled materials.

historic image of the Paramount Theatre
The City of Seattle’s Landmark Preservation Board approved the replication project and the new sign was placed on the historic landmark list. “With all the careful work that has been put into creating each part of this project, we are confident the public will be happy with the results,” said Josh LaBelle, STG’s Executive Director.


image of person building the new Paramount signThe newly replicated sign is 90% more energy efficient. “We have tested many types of bulbs to find the right one and are happy to have found an LED bulb that will use 0.75 watts per bulb, creating the same effect we are used to seeing but also using a lot less energy,” said David Allen, Seattle Theatre Group®’s Director of Operations and Paramount Theatre veteran of more than 30 years. 

STG received generous support from 4Culture, Washington State’s Building for the Arts, The Seattle Foundation and STG’s generous donors to complete replication of the vertical sign.

What does it take to replicate an iconic vertical theatre sign?  Check out the process!


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Sign Replication

Aluminum Cut

Lights, Wiring & Painting